Taste the O’ Tofu difference with our organic tofu! At O’ Tofu we stress the importance of healthy organic tofu with every bowl of Soon Tofu we serve.

Tofu, also known as bean curd, is a highly nutritious soybean product and the main ingredient to our Tofu Soup, a.k.a. Soon Tofu. Soon Tofu is a hearty soup that combines the flavors of silken tofu and various vegetables, including mushrooms, onions, and scallions. Our Soon Tofu is served in a traditional ceramic Korean soup bowl called a Ddook Beh Gi, a “breathing bowl” made to retain the flavor and heat of your Soon Tofu, all the way to the last delicious drop. Each bowl comes with a serving of white rich, which can be substituted with multi-grain rice for a healthier boost.

Tofu has become a staple in the vegetarian community as a beneficial dietary food. It is a healthy, low-calorie source of calcium, iron, and protein. The soy beans in our tofu were grown without the use of nasty extras like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, any forms of genetic modifications, or preservatives. You are getting the 100% REAL Tofu taste with every savory bowl!

Too spicy? Not spicy enough? No problem! You can customize the flavor of your Soon Tofu’s broth, ranging from non-spicy, mild, medium, spicy, and extra spicy. At O’ Tofu, we take pride in doing everything we can to delight your palate.